Our Moms

Please note that all of our girls and boys live in guardian homes where they are well-loved and cherished family members. They only come “home” to our house to have their pups or to visit when their family is out of town. Kira and Bailey live here with us. All of our dogs are spay/neutered early so they can spend the rest of their time with their families permanently.

Bella, 40 lbs

Bella is a super happy and friendly girl.  Everyone who meets her, loves her!  She is a constant companion to her sister, Ivy.  They live on beautiful Lake Okauchee in Hartland, WI.  They take frequent pontoon boat rides.  What a life!

Daisy, 40 lbs

This big hunk of love is Daisy, an English Goldendoodle.  She is the daughter of our own Benelli and Paavo.  She is a smart and sweet gal!  Daisy has a straight coat but scores a “0” for shedding.  She has the blocky bone structure that will give her pups her same gorgeous look.

Dixie, 40 lbs

Dixie is our gorgeous chocolate and white parti Doodle.  She is a happy girl who loves to play!  Her coat is a beautiful wavy fleece and she’ll be a mom to some stunning pups!! We’ll likely breed her to Cooper for an entire litter of black and white parti pups!!

Frankie is our little doll!  She has a straight coat and will only produce straight or wavy coated pups.  We are so excited for her to be a  part of our breeding program.  She is as sweet as they come!!

Ivy, 20 lbs

Ivy is a very sweet and quiet girl.  Super affectionate and full of love.  Best cuddler around!  She lives with her sister, Bella, on Lake Okauchee.  They enjoy their sunset pontoon rides with their family.

20 lbs

Kylie, 20 lbs

Kylie is a sweet little gal who lives on a hobby farm with lots of kids.  She is smart, sweet and a cuddle bug!  She makes sure all the kids get attention from her.

Lila Rose is such a happy friendly girl!!  She absolutely loves meeting new people, dogs, and pretty much any living thing!  She is a gorgeous F2b girl who will be a wonderful mom to our mini pups.

Luna, 20 lbs

Luna is a very sweet small girl.  She is a constant companion and loves to go with you wherever you go.  She lives with a wonderful guardian family with her sister, Whimsey.

GANA – 008896

Malai (Mah-Lie) (20 lbs)

Malai is a lovely red petite mini with a huge heart! She is quiet, well-mannered and super smart. She loves to play fetch and be active with her guardian family who loves her dearly. She has already shown us what an amazing mom she is and we look forward to what the future holds for this sweet little angel!

GANA – 009120

Penny, 50 lbs

Penny is our gorgeous F1 parti-factored English Goldendoodle.  She is a sweet laid-back girl with a beautiful coat and blocky bone structure.

Pippa (40 lbs)

Pippa is an English Goldendoodle.  Super smart and sweet, this girl is loads of fun!  She has a nice blocky head and thick bone structure.  She doesn’t carry a curl gene so all of her pups will have wavy coats but still non-shedding.  We are very excited to have her in our breeding program!!

GANA – 008817

Sophie (50 lbs)

Sophie is a very sweet girl.  She is a North American Retriever (Labradoodle X Goldendoodle) and carries for chocolate.  We are expecting lovely creams and chocolates from her.

Sunny (50 lbs)

Sunny is a very happy sweet girl.  She lives with a wonderful young guardian family who recently had a baby that Sunny adores!  She is a great girl with a wonderful demeanor.

GANA – 9738

Waffles (15 lbs)

Don’t let her size fool you! Waffles is a very smart obedient little dog with a wonderful disposition. She can do everything the big dogs can do. Waffles’ guardian family runs the theater program at our local college so Waffles gets interact with many college students who love to see her!!

GANA – 7640

Whimsey , 25 lbs

Whimsey is a delightful little girl!  She is super sweet and fun and loves playing all day with her sister, Luna!

GANA – 008892