Our Dads

Please note that all of our girls and boys live in guardian homes where they are well-loved and cherished family members. They only come “home” to our house for breeding or to have their pups. Sometimes, they visit when their family is out of town. Kira and Bailey live here with us. All of our dogs are spay/neutered early so they can spend the rest of their time with their families permanently. No kennels are used here.

Angus (45lbs)

We are so excited to introduce Angus to our breeding program. Angus has a gorgeous red wavy fleece coat. He will be our sire for many upcoming multigen litters.

GANA – 006874

Bentley ( 30 lbs)

So excited to have this new boy in our program.  A big thank you to Wendy at MustardSeed Ranch.  This stunning boy will be a dad to many of our upcoming litters.  Sweet, friendly and all around great personality is found in Bentley!

GANA – 008850


Cooper (20lbs)

Cooper is the newest addition to GDA. He is a happy friendly little guy who loves everyone he meets. He has a gorgeous fleece coat and darling apricot ears.

GANA – 006876

Hudson, 40 lbs

Welcome Hudson, our newest stud muffin!!  Homegrown here at Goldendoodle Acres, we are super excited to see what pups he produces as he is a gorgeous red carrying parti.  He also does not carry a curl gene so all of his offspring will have straight to wavy coats!!

Huxley, 45 lbs

Huxley is our big sweet boy!  He has a gorgeous wavy coat and a beautiful face!  He lives in a guardian home with Paavo and take several daily walks with their owners.  Lucky boys!!

Loki (45 lbs)

Loki is a very happy and playful chocolate and white parti Goldendoodle. We are so happy to have him as part of our breeding program. He will be the father of our chocolate and parti lines.

GANA – 009114

Paavo (30 LBS) (Pah-vough)

Paavo is a sweet red multigen Goldendoodle with a lovely disposition. He has a beautiful fleece coat and we’re very excited to have him in our breeding program.

GANA – 009121

Porter (50 lbs)

Porter is our new hopeful standard Goldendoodle breeding stud. He carries cream,apricot, red, chocolate and parti!! He lives will his dad, Barley, in a wonderful guardian home and looks forward to taking over his dad’s “job” soon!

GANA – 007887

Teddy (30 lbs)

Teddy is a super sweet, well-behaved boy. He is simply stunning to see. His dark red coat is super silky soft. He lives with a wonderful guardian family with 3 young children who adore him!

GANA – 8337

Tucker, 12 lbs

Goldendoodle Acres proudly presents Tucker to our petite mini breeding program.  He is a smart sweet little guy who will be the dad for our petite mini litters.  He lives in a guardian home with a wonderful family with 2 boys to keep him busy.