How Puppies are Selected


When it is agreed upon by both parties that a pup will be placed in your home from Goldendoodle Acres, a $400 deposit is required to put you on a “general” waiting list in the category of either “Petite Mini/Mini” or “Medium/Standard”.

When a litter arrives that is in the size category you are looking for, I will be send a picture of the newborn litter identifying the parents and newborn males and females. I will let you know the pickup date for the pups and will call you in the order that your deposit came in. For example, if a girl has 6 puppies, I will send the newborn pictures to the 1st of the 6 families on the waiting list.

I will ask you 3 questions:
1. Will the pick up date work for you? If so,
2. Do you want a male or a female. I will let you know selection-wise where you’d be sitting for choosing a pup of a specific gender. Specific pups won’t be chosen until 6 weeks of age.

3. Are you willing to accept the opposite gender if the one you choose isn’t available?

If you pass on a litter, you don’t lose your place.  You stay right where you are on the waiting list until the next litter becomes available.

Once you decide to take a pup from a particular litter, you will come off the general waiting list and on to that dog’s specific list and start receiving updated pics of that litter.  Pics go out at 2,3, 4, 5, and 6 weeks.

When the pups are born, you will know who is getting a male and who is getting a female.  Individual pups aren’t selected, however, until 6 weeks.

At 6 weeks, my vet will come and give every pup a thorough exam.  We will vaccinate, microchip, take final weights, temperament testing, and final pics.  Based on all of that criteria, which will be shared with you, you will make your puppy selection.  I will be calling the families on the waiting list, one by one, in the order their deposits came in or some families will just email me their preference order.  If you would like, we can talk by phone and discuss any possible differences (coat colors, textures, size, temperament, etc.) that may help you make your decision.

For the safety of our puppies, we don’t allow visitors to view or interact with them before they have been vaccinated and ready to go to their new homes. Read more about our visitor policy. In lieu of that, we will send out pictures of the puppies as newborns, again at 2 weeks of age and then weekly thereafter, keeping them in different color collars so you can keep track and watch them as they grow from week to week.


Examples of photos sent to past families at the time of birth.

Goldenddoodle puppies

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE BREEDER RETAINS THE RIGHT TO KEEP ANY PUP BEFORE THE AGE OF 8 WEEKS. On occasion, I see a pup that I would like to keep for my breeding program. I don’t keep a pup from every litter but I retain the right to do so if I find a pup to be a wonderful addition to my program.