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Retired Dogs




KIRA (40lbs)



Akira or "Kira" as we call her is our 40lb F1b red goldendoodle. Her mother was a deep red F1 goldendoodle and her father a red moyen poodle.  Our entire family flew out to Oregon to pick her up. She is a beautiful dog with a very sweet and laid back temperment.  Her coat is a very soft fleece. She comes bouncing when you call to her and loves her tummy rubbed.

Kira will remain at Goldendoodle Acres and be our matriarch. She does an excellent job teaching and guidling ALL the young pups.


MAC (35lbs)

So sad to see Mac retire. He is such a beautiful boy and we will miss him and the beautiful pups. He lives with his guardian "forever" family.

GANA - 006832



SUKI (25lbs)

Suki is a stunning F2b Goldendoodle "homegrown" here at GDA. Her mom is Akira and her dad is Mac. She is an amazingly sweet and happy girl. Sporting a gorgeous thick fleece coat, she is a real show stopper and everyone who meets her instantly falls in love!

GANA -006820



Owen has sired lots of fabulous puppies for us. He is now retired and living with his guardian "forever" family. :o)




Sweet quiet Coco! Love!!


MAGGIE (30lbs)

A sweeter girl you will not find. Maggie is a Goldendoodle Acre pup from Europa and Dakota. She is sweet, gentle, and has perfect manners. She captures your heart the minute you meet her. We are very excited to have her in our breeding program.

GANA -006831



MAYZIE (40lbs)


Mayzie is a "homegrown" F1 Goldendoodle from Goldendoodle Acres and we couldn't be prouder to have her in our program. She is a very sweet and happy girl who LOVES to be scratched, rubbed, pet, etc. and will give you a wag of her tail just for looking at her. She has a classic Golden temperament and thick Golden Retriever bone structure. She reminds me of a big Teddy Bear!

GANA -006828





Chloe - Golden Retriever


Chloe is a beautiful AKC registered Golden Retriever that was a mother to many of our beautiful goldendoodle puppies. She captures the hearts of all who meet her. She was an excellent mother as well as a great aunt who doesn’t mind nieces and nephews chewing on her ears. 

She has gone to live with her son, Wrigley, in her forever home.



Sophia is a lovely petite 45lb 19 ½”AKC registered Golden Retriever. She is beautiful as well as smart. People fall in love with her eyes over the internet! She loves to play fetch, catch frisbees, and retrieve things out of our pond. 

Sophia loves watching TV

She is an excellent mother as well as a good friend to her sister, Chloe. She is quiet and calm in the house.



################### CAESAR####################



Caesar is our original and most beloved Poodle. He truly opened our eyes as to what beautiful and amazing creatures the standard Poodles are.

He has sired many beautiful puppies for us here at Goldendoodle Acres and will be dearly missed in our breeding program. Thanks for all of the gorgeous pups, Caesar!!


Our big sweet gentle Gromit has retired. He also has sired many beautiful great pups for us here. He will be spending his days with Ginger, his beloved girlfriend except now the relationship will be more platonic in nature. ;o) Thanks, Gromit!!


Bella is our beautiful Chocolate and White Standard Poodle. She is 45lbs and a pure joy to be with. Loaded with personality and quiet charm, she excells at her job as a Certified Therapy Dog. Her guardian mom, Vicky, couldn't be prouder of this wonderful girl! Bella is retired and living with her "forever" family.




Emma has had some beautiful babies for us!! She is now retired and will enjoy the rest of her days being spoiled rotten by her family. :o)



Ruby is an Apricot F1b Goldendoodle. She is a sweet quiet natured little girl. Always happy and friendly and just content to lie at your feet or play with her guardian family kids in the yard. Ruby is now retired and living with her guardian "forever" family. :o)









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